So…here we were. Four of us in the lobby  of O R Tambo  international airport Johannesburg S.Africa..!  On Boxing day in a C 35 temperature, no transport, no accommodation booked, wanting to get to Kruger Game Reserve ASAP. Through GLK’s (#2daughter) powers of persuasion, we were ‘fortunate’ enough to acquire a mode of transport that could best be described as ‘CHALLENGING’, in that it wasn’t much bigger than a sardine can and best of all, it had NO air conditioning. Undaunted however,the Kwaszenko’s set out on their epic “sojourn” in a north easterly direction in the  hope of finding some wildlife.

We did have a great time and saw  some wonderful sights. All too soon, our time with the girls came to an end as they had to get back in harness in their respective professions. We dropped them off at Tambo International airport, kind of looked at each other and the same thought passed through both our minds.”What the Dickens do we do now?”

With typical sagacious aplomb, we booked into an ex Mafia residence that had been converted to Hostel accommodation in an inauspicious part of town. Very nice it was to. Garnering all our faculties one or other of us remembered that Georgina  had spotted an advertisement for a company called “BazBus “. This organisation proved to be of sterling value in to our forthcoming foray into a wonderful country.

BazBus operates a service between Johannesburg and Cape Town stopping  off at a requisite number of hostels in intuitive locations and hubs along the way. One could stop off, stay for however long and then just ring their number in order for the next minibus due to pick up at your hostel and drop off at the next one that you have chosen. Simple,straight forward and very efficient,particularly if one is a female travelling by herself with some safety concerns.

Having travelled all the way from Johannesburg to Cape Town through a variety of  landscapes, flora and fauna , there was no particular rush, I can heartily recommend a visit. Such a beautiful country and climate. In the distance off to the left one can see Lions Head quite a stretching climb but well worth the views.

Cape Town a vibrant city with an attractive waterfront. The cable car trip up Table Mountain is also a must. For a photographer the evening rush of cloud cascading over the edge and down the side of the mountain, is just stunning.