So for commercial reasons we returned briefly to the UK. I then needed to go toIceland as my mother was making a move from Kopasker on the Arctic ocean coast back  to Reykjavik.In November I travelled back to get the UK to meet up with Lynn for a short trip to Portugal. Presently we used an opportunity to fly  to Prague in order to  spend some time in that wonderful city and its environs.

Arriving back in London  late in the evening on Christmas eve. We intended spending the festive period in the company of our two daughters. However, much to our amazement they broached an idea to us on Christmas day….”How’s about going to South Africa.” We thought great, thinking that they were about to discuss some distant holiday in the future. “When?” was our question….”Now”, came the response!!! “What do you mean?”….”We’ve got the flights booked for this afternoon”!!!