Having arrived in Chongqing we stopped for a couple of days at the Yangtze River International Youth Hostel. We saw the new and burgeoning city centre juxtaposed to the old “high rises”. It’s urban area is 6/7 million people but the municipality has population of 28,846,200 people.File:Chongqing in China (+all claims hatched).svg
Getting lost in in the city, we found ourselves at one stage in the midst of a high rise complex teeming with people. It felt rather intimidating but at no stage did one feel threatened. There were also very large branches of the higher end retail outlet also in evidence,Louis Vitton, Versace, Gucci et al were all in evidence.
We needed to get to Chengdu as that was were the Giant Panda were being nurtured and bred.

.Giant Pandas in Wolong National Nature ReservePandas are so cute but rather lazy and stupid.They basically just eat and sleep all the time. We saw them up in trees just zonked after eating and just draped over branches and sleeping.They are too lazy to procreate, so a lot of the work done at the sanctuary involves artificial insemination which is a real hit and miss affair. The species, left to itself would have almost certainly died out had it not been for the intervention of the authorities.