Flying down to Kunming we were somewhat delayed at the airport as a couple of Danish tourists were held up at immigration. It appears that they had booked to fly up to Lhasa in Tibet and were “crest fallen” to find out that the Chinese authorities had closed access to Tibet because of the 50 year anniversary of the communist party’s Tibetan takeover. They also expected some trouble by virtue of this and therefore curtailed any visits. For us and our impending flight down to Kunming, immigration/ customs officers were a little perplexed by the contents of one of our bags, which provided us with a little anxiety until an explanation and lots of hand waving provided a plausible explanation, and they allowed us to pass.  

We checked in at “The Hump” hostel which was downtown and fairly central. The Hump was a “hat tip” to the efforts of the “Flying Tigers” in 1941 to keep the supply route open from British bases in India for the allies fighting the Japanese and their  air assaults on the Burma road.