Yangshuo county and the Li river are just utterly beautiful. Never have I been in such bizarre landscape. We checked in at the Riverside Buildings Hostel where the quirky manager Janis was just so personable and helpful. We sauntered the streets  and took a river rafting trip through scenery which was just out of this world.                                                                    Yangshuo County is located in ChinaAfter spending a few days “in town” so to speak, we had got wind of a place just out of town close to the Li river. This chap was endeavouring to build his business based on the house he had constructed. It had huge windows to take in the glorious view and provided all his own produce from the small-holding on the plot of land that the house occupied. He called it Eco-Farm and for simplicity, I guess asked us to call him Eco. Such a nice guy and eager to improve and hone his business skills.

We were now on the cusp of crossing over the border into Vietnam, however there was one other geographic feature in China that much interested us. The Rice Terraces are a man made wonder and we were keen to see them.