We  returned to Yangshuo and then to Guilin checked in at the International Youth Hostel there on the 01.07.2011 in order to get to the Rice Terraces. Prior to coming to China we were vaguely aware of them, but nothing definitive excepting that the ambient opinion was that they should be seenif in the area.


We walked all day and covered something like 14 miles up and down just stunned at the way the light changed and shimmered on the water that was naturally irrigating the terraces. Changing hues all the time as  light changed    as a function of the passage of  sun and cloud. These fields have been cultivated for many generations, the new building on the work done in the past.

 We were “dog tired a the end of the day but gratified that we had done and seen what we had intended. Now it was the Vietnamese border, destination Hanoi