Took an overnight train down to Hue. It’s seldom that I comment about a train trip but the fact that the train and the rail stayed in contact with one another was nothing short of miraculous. It’s a curious sensation, the feeling of going in two or three directions at the same time! The tracks, I believe must have been laid in French colonial times and it has been a case of make do and mend ever since. However I alluded to the “jaded elegance” of Hanoi, that was much in evidence in the carriages, they were beautifully done out in a classic kinda’ french style, well worn but clean and still serviceable!

Arrived in Hue, early morning and was warmed by the friendliness and ambiance of the city. We toured the moated citadel and I was fortunate enough to get some shots of a student group touring. These girls were just stunning.

Hue sits on the Perfume River and  we took a “Dragon Boat“(there are lots of them) tour upstream to view a myriad of temples and fortresses. There’s few things more relaxing than being on a river boat watching landscapes slip by. No effort at all involved. Suits me fine..:)