After the taxi trip, one can imagine that we were not in the mood for much more trauma at the end of a long and eventful day. However, we dropped David off at his hotel The Southern in Hoi An and we went off to ours (The Sunflower)….They had no record of our booking and wanted to charge us more. We found another hotel by the river, but the duty manager turned out to be another male chauvanist pig so we eventually got in at David’s hotel, The Southern. What a great  hotel, we were so happy there. It had an in house pool and the rooms were big, spacious and although it was out of town, it ran a bus drop in and out of town at predefined times. Met some great people there. We checked out of the Southern on the 03.08.2011 after a great stay.

We decided to head inland to discover some of the hidden delights that were away from the coast. Coming  into Na Trang and then on to Da Lat  we met some wonderful people here that still lived the “hill village” life. I mean, babies being born far away from medical care and in some cases born in the “field“. Look at their hands! That is hard graft, these women are so strong, they just take it in their stride. They must be so bemused to see and experience  the changes that technology has wrought…bringing tourists from strange far flung places to their hearth and home.Just beautiful people!