What an amazing eco-system the Mekong river delta is! We spent the whole day travelling by boat, visiting floating villages, markets, entrepreneurial tile factories, fish farms….the list goes on, in our transit to Phnom Penh. It is just amazing that a river that we acquainted ourselves with in China, so many months before, re-emerges giving life and sustenance to a plethora of disparate lifestyles, cultures, businesses, in the Mekong river delta.

How fortunate we are to witness this environment. How gracious these people were to suffer the intrusion of  foreign interlopers that came there “snapping pictures” and impacting a lifestyle that has been unchanged for millennia.

Travelled all day in the Mekong Delta heading toward the border and Cambodia.

Disembarked at the Vietnamese border post, to check out, then had to drag our luggage a hundred yards or so to the Cambodian border post. Whilst waiting for the other passengers to “pass muster”, I went down to the waters edge and snapped a picture of the Customs Launch, that had obviously seen better days.