Despite having been told about, and read copious amounts of material and seen pictures, nothing quite prepares you for it. It is quite stunning. The scale is huge, the artistry and craftsmanship impressive, the atrophy is quite saddening. It is as if you seeing buildings “dying”. Which of course they are because although funds and work are going on to prevent some destruction, it’s by no means enough. This site really does warrant huge international funds in order to stabilize and then halt the destruction.

We spent three days viewing the huge forty acre site. There existed a large number of disparate temples all stemming from in and around the 12 century. They are Khmer Hindu temples and they honour a variety of  Deities in  architecturally differing styles. When in it’s “Heyday”, it must have been magnificent, because it’s still impressive now despite its sorry state, 900 years later.

Left Angkor Wat and Siem Reap full of admiration for the Artisans, Architects, and rulers of a bye-gone era and headed south for the long drive to the Thai border.