Stopped the first night in Malaysia in downtown Kota Bahru. Fairly non descript place with nothing of interest. However , the plan was to go further south and get a boat out to the Perhentian islands at Besar island & Kesil.

File:SouthBeach Curve.JPG

We caught a fast fishtail boat for the hours transfer. As we approached we were totally beguiled by the sheer beauty of the place that was going to be our island paradise for the next couple of weeks.

Time passed in languid indolence until one gradually became aware that there was less and less food on offer in the rather limited food establishments. Apparently it was end of season and they were winding down for  a couple of months break, so ergo, not ordering any more supplies.

One had heard that Langkawi island on the west coast was worth a visit, so decided to aim for there. However, there were a number of places we wanted to see on the way. Namely, the Cameron Highlands in the interior, taking the “Jungle Train”. Also Georgetown on Pinang island.