After a long tiring day we made it to the Thai border late afternoon.(overland visitors get a two weeks visa but if you fly in you get a month)? We still had a long drive, getting us into the capital about eight in the evening. So, being quite tired just had a quick walk out to orientate ourselves, get something to eat, then back to the hotel. There isn’t really anything I can say about Bangkok that hasn’t already been said.

Night-time panorama photograph showing an expansive cityscape with several skyscrapers in the foreground, a park in the centre, and a large group of buildings across the park

Lynn was minded to get back to the UK to see her mum and there were a number of other things to be done. We agreed that I would travel down to Hoi An further south on the coast and relax there until she mad it back over to meet me there. Had to extend my visa. Could only get a seven day extension so by the time she got back I had twenty four hours to make it to the southern border with Malaysia, so we missed all the islands, Ko Pipi, Ko Pangnan, Ko Samui, etc. etc. We promised ourselves that we would get to them later the following year. The weather had changed anyhow and the rain and floods that we experienced at Angkor Wat  had just gotten a whole lot worse so I guess that it was providence that we were headed further south. Crossed the border into Malaysia on 15.10.2011. (getting a 3 months visa wasn’t a problem).