Got back to the mainland, (before we starved to death:) spent the night in Kota Bahru and caught the jungle train. This is rather a novel way of travelling through some of inland Malaysia and beautiful forest areas with no effort at all!

The train stops at fairly regular locations, facilitating a vibrant inland economy trading all kinds of fruits from the forest, some carry livestock and other merchandise   

It was on this train that Lynn met her “Doppelganger“, Debbie Hall Faris. She came bowling down the corridor, just having jumped on the train. She had scaled a cliff face somewhere in the forest, she was picking bits and pieces from her hair and attempting to clean some mud off  her face when we caught her eye. What was self evident, after quickly striking up a conversation was her all consuming zest for life and adventure. 

With such natural vivacity and enthusiasm this duo quickly became partners in crime. One could easily imagine what mayhem would have been created, had these two reprobates known each other whilst at school, they’ve got mischief written all over their “Cheeky Monkey” faces.

What became evident was that at Sungai Kolok. The train stopped and went back, leaving us short of our destination of the Cameron Highlands by a good fifty miles!

Presently we went searching for a bus or some other cheap mode of transport to complete our journey. Nothing! no buses, no regular service. We were then faced with a taxi ride having no other choice. We arrived at the Cameron Highlands in the early evening.

The Cameron Highland are one of Malaysia’s most extensive Hill Station covering something like 712 sq. kl. It so fecund and incredibly productive.Tanah Rata is the main town.