So there we were, at Kuala Lumpur International boarding our flight back for Christmas with our daughters in the UK. We were both looking forward to it hugely. Hannah our eldest was going to fly in from Tokyo and Jordon, a close friend of theirs would be celebrating Christmas with us also.

The Christmas eve meal and Christmas day meal were prepared and presented by  GlK JdC HlK  gastronomic team at a level of excellence that even Mr Egon Ronay would have, I’m sure approved.

Boxing day, we all trooped off to attend a service at Snt. Paul’s Cathedral. I must say, what an absolute pleasure it was to drive in the centre of London at this time. There was hardly any traffic and one could perhaps see the benefits of “pedestrianising” the centre of the city as being a positive move.
All too soon, it was over. Hannah headed back to Tokyo, Georgina back in harness and Jordan to his studies.The “Oiks”, headed north to the rain sodden uplands of Lancashire.