Prior to returning to the UK a friend (Miles), that Lynn had acquainted on a trip down into the  southern hemisphere a few years earlier had got in touch and he and his wife (Noleen) planned on a trip to Britain. A plan was formulated that we would spend a few days with them up in the Lake District. We could also provide Hannah with the opportunity for her to show YuYa a different part of the UK.

Accommodation was arranged for the four adults at Highside Farm in the Lake District in Bassenthwaite village.Presently, after a pleasant few days in which the weather was largely benevolent, we left Miles and  Noleen to continue their journey north into Scotland where Miles wanted to “Swim with Nessie”.

Hannah and JuJa

We headed down to Manchester and then on down to London where we would meet up with Hannah and YuYa for her appointment.

Hannah and YuYa were due to pick up a “Spaceship”, basically a micro bus which they had contracted to take on hire for a trip down to Devon and Cornwall and maybe Ireland.

We were ready to get off again, and so after saying our goodbyes to Georgina, Hannah & JuJa we flew out to KL on the 03.08.2012 and then connected a flight to Langkawi island.We have been here( at Zackry’s) for three months! Methinks, I’ll need to imbue my epidermis  with plenty of this. Also tummy needs care, with plenty of this.

not neglecting something a little more “meaty”

And plenty of thisAhhh..fruits of the sea 🙂

One musn’t forget a little natural shade for when it all gets too much!

But there is always this….to feast ones eyes on…Tell you something…beats the hell out of winter in “Ol’ Blighty”!!!!