Had to engage in a “Visa Run” from Langkawi, (in Malaysia) to Ko Lipe (Thailand), because I’d reached three months (my permitted visa duration) and needed to renew a further three months.Fortune favours the “clueless”…(my epitaph). Have I been wafted here on the crest of a wave of “euphoria“. Methinks so, those sirens from Greek mythology have their sisterhood on Lipe, because as we approached this island idyll, I could have sworn that I heard their beguiling melismatic refrain on a capricious breeze as we drew into harbour.



Staying initially in a “Dedicated Divers Lodge”, after a couple of days we repaired to a beach hut.Image

Sleeping in fairly frugal but very clean accommodation was just perfect. The sand on the beach was just so white and finely granulated which graded gently away into the shallows of an Andaman coastal waters, iridescent green that drifted off into deeper and deeper shades of blue the more distant the perspective. The eclectic fish population was a feast of colour for swimmer,snorkeler or diver.Above our heads, Sea Eagles made their daily airborne “sorties” seaward, leisurely circling on the thermals moving along the coast,in search of unsuspecting prey on the shoals. Sadly, it will not be long until the incessant march of mass tourism will impact this island idyll, just as it has on Ko Pipi, Ko Samui and many others on the Thai island chains. Unless, of course a concerted government effort is made to stop and ameliorate the decimation of the reefs, coastal biospheres and the associate detritus that follows unbridled human development and “progress”.