It appears that the time may be appropriate to now contemplate a journey out to Hong Kong, as during our time in China, that particular city was missed to accommodate a land border crossing into Vietnam a year or so ago. The prospect of enjoying warm and balmy temperatures again after some time in the cooler English and Icelandic climates, is not unwelcome. looking down on a city of skyscrapers, land mass in the distance separated by a body of water.

English: victoria peak panorama hong kong kowl...

English: victoria peak panorama hong kong kowloon night 2011 dusk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember the closing ceremony well as the Union Jack was pulled down and the Chinese national flag was raised. It was a moment heavy with File:1 mong kok hong kong night 2011.JPGsentiment

It happens to be Night time city skyline with Victoria Harbour in front and low hills behindmy birthday when we fly out, so that will be kind of novel. Anyhow, I’ll catch you on the other side!..:)