Quivering and fearful…your host poked his head from beneath the covers to have his worst fears confirmed. That tell-tale soggy ricochet heard on the roof last night through waves of sleepy torpor, was no nightmare……It was, “Clear & Present” danger!…Shaking with trepidation, one’s hand reached out from beneath the covers grasping  for my Atlas……Ahhhhh….Salvation,found it….Where to now?DSCF2288Strategy planning, required the engagement of the whole team for input as  a wedding was in the offing sometime later in the year in Americas 50’th state, Hawaii. Various factions of the family would be arriving from disparate location around the globe, so positioning would be fairly crucial to minimise large travel expenditure closer to the time of nuptuals.

Our intrepid duo, who are to set out on life's adventure in the near future.

Our intrepid duo, who are to set out on life’s adventure in the near future.

Should one go to West Coast US, say San Francisco, so that it would be a short hop come the time. Perhaps it would be more prudent to get back to Borneo, (from whence we came) in order to pick up where we left off for our swift visit back to Blighty.  Maybe Indonesia would be the better option, as I had wanted to see the site of the loudest volcanic explosion in human history, Krakatoa in the 1860’s. The sound wave allegedly went around the world three times and the skies were red in London (depicted by Whistler‘s paintings) for some considerable time!

Anyhow, that decision needs to be made by the end of this week!

More later when I’ve caught up on some sleep.

Riven with angst....one is driven back to bed in contemplation.

Riven with angst….one is driven back to bed in contemplation.