Undaunted by the merciless heat of the sun, Sancho Panza & Don Quixote made it back to Kota Kinabalu. Leaving the trusty steeds behind in order to benefit from the more comfortable and speedy option by air, marvelling at the enigmatic beauty and grandeur of Mnt. Kinabalu passing us, we landed safely in KK.DSCF4072Not wishing to delay too long, arrangements were made to get north by mini van. After a long delay to allow time for the van to fill with random individuals wishing to travel north to Kudat we set “sail” at about three in the afternoon. Arriving in Kudat at around five thirty, it was evident that there was no immediately available transport to get us further north and closer to the peninsular. Another frustrating wait of about an hour brought good news from a couple of villagers who also needed to get to their village close by our intended destination so they kindly allowed us to jump in. We arrived at our “Longhouse” domicile in darkness, (there was a blackout). Fortunately managing to arrange bedding and dump the bags, one fell asleep as soon as ones head hit the pillow.Woke, blissfully rested, to the sounds of the jungle early morning and cockerels crowing the dawn of a new day.DSCF4220 Making ones way on foot up to the peninsula and the very tip of north Borneo one vues the Sulu sea to the east and South China sea to the west.20130908_161255