Mercury Bay

Mercury BayA chair with attitude, and more than a little style.

A chair with attitude, and more than a little style.

The  Coromandel east of  Aukland is stunningly beautiful. The coast is replete with idyllic little inlets, islands and bays. Under these circumstances, it is understandable that there is a huge predisposition for owning a boat of  some kind for recreational purposes. Roads, though narrow  are not, or do not seem to be overburdened with nose to tail traffic. This is doubtless a function of the fact that New Zealand as a whole has only four and a half million people.

“Wuffing”was a term with which I was not entirely familiar. However, it seems that it is practiced quite extensively here in N.Z. In essence it is four hours work in exchange for some food and accommodation. We  were introduced to the owner of “Eggsentric” restaurant Dave Fowell by Debbie a vivacious and attractive  lady that we had previously met in Malaysia. Dave kindly allowed me to use his workshop, a facility that permitted me the opportunity to build a chair (one of Dave’s designs) and also for me to create and build an ersatz Cormorant. That gave me a great deal of pleasure.image

"All I wanna' do is fly, an' someone went an' stuck a pole up my bottom!

“All I wanna’ do is fly, an’ someone went an’ stuck a pole up my bottom!