23.02.14 Sequoia Lodge Picton

The Cooke Straight crossing and the trip down Queen Charlotte Sound was just beautiful. Bathed in balmy sunshine we docked and disembarked in Picton harbour.

Queen Charlotte Sound.

Queen Charlotte Sound.

There was an eclectic mix of individuals at the lodge. Some of whom that I engaged in conversation had just arrived for a period of “RnR” from a period working on the Antarctic ice cap. Others had spent time at the South Pole and were between contracts.DSCF7108
Leaving Picton we made our way to Nelson, passing through a small township called Havelock, which had rather auspicious history in that it was the home town of Ernest Rutherford (Physicist).http://www.chemheritage.org/Discover/Online-Resources/Chemistry-in-History/Themes/Atomic-and-Nuclear-Structure/asset_upload_file198_61208_thumbnail.jpg self same person that was to discover the inner constitution of the atom for the first time in Manchester along with Neils Bhore.
Leaving The Bug (hostel) in Nelson, we ran along the north coast for Kaiteriteri in the Abel Tasman National Park.DSCF7315


DSCF7333 Left Kaiterteri for Westport, which was fairly unremarkable.DSCF7356

Drove south for Punakaiki on the west coast which had some unusual “pancake”rock formations.

Arrived at the Franz Josef Glacier area. The landscape, majestic. The rivers and forests, superb.

The weather was rather changeable, at very short notice. However, the topography and fauna were truly magnificent.



Left for Wanaka on 12.03.14. Beautiful lake front and holiday area.After stopping one night decamped and went over to Queenstown.DSCF7557

Queenstown is the hotbed of extreme “daring do”. Basically anything to do with throwing oneself off some perfectly good bridge, airplane, rock, or scaffold for no other reason than to scare the hell out of oneself, then this is the place to come.



Leaving Queenstown on the 19.03.14 we arrived in Dunedin. Initially populated by disenfranchised or disposed Scottish people the place has grown and prospered.DSCF7725 Leaving Dunedin, we arrived at Invercargill, our jump off point for Stuart Island.