Had a great time in Byron Bay and environs. The surf and “hippy” culture is pervasive. The shops, restaurants and public spaces are relaxed and people,so friendly.Why can’t the weather be this good in England, (we are headed into the depths of Australian winter)?! I’m sunbathing on the beach for gods sake and it is the equivalent of January in the UK!

Sand, so fine, it's almost powdery

Sand, so fine, it’s almost powdery

Had a look around the surrounding countryside. The townships of Mullembimby,Brunswick, and Ocean Shores offer a quality of life,domiciled by spacious private accommodation.

Got back to Sydney on Friday (25.07.14). Took another walk along the coastal path and soaked up the topography and the diverse architecture of the open aspect housing along the way.

Bondi Beach in Southern Hemisphere winter sunshine

Bondi Beach in Southern Hemisphere winter sunshine

The Aussies appear to be ferociously dedicated to keeping fit. Along the coasts and in the cities one is constantly assailed, accosted and overtaken by very “focused” individuals honing their fitness. Made me feel quite faint just watching them! Of course, this is all performed in consistently good weather. A virtuous circle.