The sun is streaming in through the window in my mum’s ground floor apartment 100 yards from an idyllic little bay dotted around which are private architect designed houses that take advantage of the beautiful vistas across the water. The few birds and ducks that have refused the option of flying south to warmer climes are grouped on the water in little social circles and the air is crisp, cold and sparkling.

Early morning in Kopavogur

Early morning in Kopavogur

I was hoping to start out on a trip to the north coast, where mum has a house in a village of some 200 people called Kopasker. However, the weather has closed in with heavy snow falls forecast, precluding travel for us at the present time.

The start of another week presages another foray into the FX markets. This a pursuit that has intrigued me for the past year or two, however only comparatively recently have I had the courage to venture in, as the propensity for losses is great.

I have also had time to indulge myself following the political diaspora back in the UK. The daily papers seem to be making much of Ed Miliband difficulties  as Labour party leader. It seems that a number of his peers are beginning to think that he has become a liability.

DSCF8881I have also had the opportunity to engage in a nascent interest in building a family tree. I have already had some success, in that I have managed to get back to the 1870’s on my mothers side.

This period of time has provided a long overdue chance to re-engage with family members, whom I have not seen for a couple of years and to spend some time with my mum and sister.

I will be headed back to SE Asia in early December where I will continue on the voyage of discovery.

Tues 09.12.14

Now that my time here in Iceland is drawing to a close, the weather appears to be drawing in some wintery blasts. Went to an outdoor naturally heated pool in downtown Reykjavik the night before last. Where one also had the opportunity to linger in the hot pot jacuzzis that were dotted around the main pool. They progressively increased in temperature up to a maximum of C45. Just laid back and watched the snow flurries  cascading down. At this time of the year the Sun and moon are very low in the sky making the sunsets and sunrises stunning, when the sky is moderately clear of cloud. Also had the luck to see the northern lights, although the display was not as stunning as I had seen on previous occasions.The Barthabunga volcano is still exuding lava at a steady rate along an extended rift line. Thankfully the ash and the lava flows have not impacted to any degree the transport infrastructure