Boarded an overnight (semi Calma (almost flat bed)) coach from Sucre at 20:00 hrs and arrived in La Paz twelve hours later. First impressions waking from a fragmented nights sleep was of a multi layered conurbation descending down from precipitous slopes to the valleys below bathed in early morning sunlight. Used the time available during the first few hours to go to “Moon Valley”, an unusually eroded area that is evocative of what an active imagination would think that a moonscape would look like. Later took the opportunity to take a cable car ride over the city and up the heights at the level of the “Alti Plano”IMG_0639

  1. La Paz, in Bolivia, is the highest administrative capital in the world, resting on the Andes’ Altiplano plateau at more than 3,500m above sea level. It stretches to El Alto city in the highlands, with snow-capped, 6,438m-high Mt. Illimani as its backdrop. The city’s dramatic setting can be taken in during rides on Mi Teleférico, the aerial cable car system.
    Thursday 02.07.15 Wandered up to Plaza Murillo and the offices of the President. The square is delightful, providing a forum for social interaction in the mid afternoon sunshine. Later wandered up to Calle Jaen a narrow lane that was full of interest from a historical perspective. Along its length it had a couple of museums and a number of artisan “bijou” retail outlets.

    Calle Jaen…The ridge at El Alto can be seen in the distance.

The strange "otherworldlyness" of Moon Valley, La Paz

The strange “otherworldlyness” of Moon Valley, La Paz

Saturday 03.07.15 Yesterday met a delightful Dutch couple Rens & Francoise, completely by happen chance whilst out walking downtown. We had met them earlier when in Potosi visiting the Museum. We stood talking for almost an hour, exchanged e-mail addresses and hopefully we will remain in touch.
The weather seems to have drawn a lot of cloud today as the views over the city have disappeared which is a shame,but on the other hand it presents an opportunity to catch up on internet news over the Greek farago and blog writing.Tomorrow will be vacating our domicile here and taking a three hour coach trip up to Copacabana on the shoreline of lake Titicaca (alt.3812m.(12507ft). See you in Copacabana.