Caught 07:45 service out from Manchester to Keflavik in Iceland. The plan being to spend some time with mum prior to leaving on the 14.12.15 for Tokyo (via Oslo & Moscow) to spend Christmas with the Hannah & Yuya. Georgina and Dominic arrive from Sydney a little later.

There is a dusting of snow on the ground here and the daytime temperature is around C7. Skies are overcast so overall, it is a little dull. However, it is good to be  back in Iceland again.

04.12.15  It is now Friday and since I last wrote, it has snowed nearly every day. The environment has turned into a “Winter Wonderland”.

Kopavogur, about 5 miles south from Reykjavik

Kopavogur, about 5 miles south from Reykjavik

The temperature ranges from -C2 during the day to -C9 at night. Whilst there is no wind and one wraps up warmly, it really is pleasant outside. However, when the wind picks up the temperature drops quite severely as the “wind chill factor” takes effect.
Every time I return to Iceland, there seems to have been more changes. Reykjavik is so spread out it really does necessitate a car to commute as it is quite time consuming and onerous taking the bus.
The pace of life is quite leisurely at the moment, just spending time with mum, visiting family and having received some free tickets, went to a choral evening, which was very professionally done and most entertaining. I’ve also spent some time honing my trading skills on an FX platform. I’ve also been following the political situation in England as I’m fairly engaged with the machinations of the political diaspora. Goodness me huge changes going on in the international arena vis a vis the migrant situation and countries in western Europe throwing open their borders, and then some, have to close them down again, because of the weight of numbers, and the lack of infrastructure to deal with such unprecedented volume.