Have come down to Devon to say with  friends for a few days. Unceasingly enchanting, the Devon countryside is nothing short of magnificent. Gently rolling hills and valleys carpeted with a lustrous green coat. Towns and hamlets populated by buildings and sinuous lanes that have remained largely in tact since the Norman Conquest, with names such as Uplime, Axmouth, Kilminster,Wootton Fitzpaine,Beer, Branscombe. The unhurried beat of country life and the sense of a slow passage of time, all conspire to leave one with a “rosy glow”.

05.04.16 Barcelona 

Left Manchester on the “red eye”, (Stupid o’clock) after having dropped off the hire car at the Marriot at around midnight. It was so good to revisit Barcelona again after, what must be 40 years. The “Familia Sagrada” is still being worked on after 150 years, but it really is a stunning structure. The Ramblas hasn’t changed at all, however the water front has had huge development. The marina now hosts “Super Yachts” from all over the world. Quite gratified to see that a significant percentage were British (registered however in the Camen Islands). Doubtless for tax reasons.

La Familia Sagrada. A stunning structure.

La Familia Sagrada. A stunning structure.

Making the most of the warm balmy weather and blue skies walking down towards the waterfront then along to the harbour, were street vendors, hawkers and “fly by night” traders keeping a constant weather eye for the police, who would arrrest or admonish them for trading without licences.

Just spotted the police....so, quick as a flash draws the toggles on his sheet and he's off.

Just spotted the police….so, quick as a flash draws the toggles on his sheet and he’s off.

IMG_230010.04.16 Sunday travelled overland south to Valencia. What a “Tour de Force” architecturally this city is. Delightful buildings everywhere in a multiplicity of styles and periods, so well looked after and cared for. The city is an absolute delight for the senses, with elegant little restaurants, bars and bistros. The Market hall containing stalls selling all kinds of fare from the Aragon region. Wines, meats,fish, vegetables, cheeses and so beautifully presented are plentiful and ubiquitous .More about Valencia in my next post.