The third largest conurbation (797,0000) on the Iberian peninsular, Valencia is a beautiful city which lies by the Turia river on the eastern seaboard. The architecture is utterly beguiling, redolent of each epoch of its development from the second century AD. However, it seems that due to the city fathers profligacy over recent years, it appears that a period of austerity has ensued, though one would be hard pushed to notice on a cursory viewing. The streets, piazzas and squares peppered with cafe’s, restaurants and designer shops are a delight and seem to be busy.

There are many delightful little restaurants abound.

There are many delightful little restaurants.

The old Market Hall is stuffed full of fare from all around the region that provides a multiplicity of texture, colour and fragrances.image

Stunning architecture

Stunning architecture

Have decided to stay another month here as the weather is steadily improving and there is so much to see.

Bad news in the Telegraph today. It appears that the “Remain” side have pulled ahead in the opinion polls in the UK referendum.