Arrived Antalya airport “shattered” after a delayed four and a half hour flight from Manchester. The Immigration officer who processed our visa papers was surly and fairly negative. Obviously bored to death with his job and it showed. The visa requirement surprised us as one was led to believe on “t’internet” that it was not required. However it is, and the completely charmless official, utterly etiolated by his “travail” exemplified a “Kafkaesque” dedication.


“Why so serious?”

Didn’t get to Airbnb lodging until around midnight. Our host Bilal seems a delightful young man. He has a friend called “Happy”, who also appears a pleasant young man.

A room with a view.

A room with a view.

Hopefully, whilst here I will be able to catch up on some reading. Primarily politically orientated as I am fairly exercised about our impending negotiations predicating/formalising implementation of Article 50 (Our Notice of Departure from the EU).

Will be flying back to “Blighty” prior to 17.10.16 to take care of some medical stuff. Little bit of “RnR” then off to S. America……hopefully without any un-forseen “outfielders.”