Dropped the car back at Manchester airport and caught the 16:40 out to Valencia arriving at 20:25. Makes me chuckle every time Ryan Air hits the tarmac and trundles to the pier, those trumpets sound over the tannoy, announcing another early or on time arrival; so kitsch. It’s good to be back in Valencia. I do so enjoy this city. It has everything. Beautiful architecture, both traditional and modern, a medieval old centre, art galleries, theatres, a beach and wonderful bijou restaurants in abundance.img_3294

The weather is still clear blue skies and sunny. However, it is noticeably cooler now, (C21) making the wearing of a light sweater “de rigeur.”

The family that we are staying with are an absolute delight. Edu, Tania, Eduardo (junior) and Maria are originally from Nicaragua but have now made their home and life here in Valencia. I’m sure that we shall remain firm friends.

Time now draws closer to when we “de-camp” and head out to Malta, where we hope to winter (35’9376 degrees N), which lands us about the same latitude as Algiers in N.Africa, without actually being in Africa!

My only real knowledge about Malta stems from a triptych of an aeroplane called the Gloster Gladiator that I became aware of in my youth. The three aeroplanes that defended Valletta in Malta during 1940 were called “Faith,Hope, and Charity.” “Faith” is the last surviving airframe that is now in a museum on the island.