Got to Chiang Khong late afternoon on the 15.05.17. It has rained more or less continuously ever since. Will stay at the “Green Inn” for a couple of nights in expectation of crossing the border into Laos on the 17.05.17 (Thai visa runs out 18.05.17). Plan on a two day boat trip down the Mekong staying one night in Pakbeng (Dp guesthouse), before continuing the second day down to Luan Prabang, stopping at “The Deck House” for eleven nights. The trip, priced in Laotian currency works out at 325,374.00 Kip or £30.30 per person for the two day boat journey on the Mekong. I count that as a good deal!

The Mekong at Pakbeng.

Friday 19.05.17 Still overcast, but thankfully the drizzle has abated somewhat. Arrived at Luan Prabang about 17:00 in the afternoon and was happily met by Meryl from the “Deck House” who had kindly thought to come down to pick us up at the quayside. After introducing us to Stephen her partner, back at the “Deck House”, grabbed a shower freshened up and went down to the lounge to chat to them both at length, as a precursor to going out to a local restaurant for a meal. Flopped down and slept soundly after a tiring day.

Fishermen make their way against the strong Mekong currents.

Out for a walk around town to orientate ourselves. There’s a bamboo rope bridge that is constructed at the start of “the dry season”(Oct-May) over the NamKhang river (a tributary of the Mekong), and deconstructed/washed away during the “rainy season”(June to September) for which a nominal 5000Kip(50p) is charged. Access to the market, restaurants and bars is down in the main body of the town. The market stretches some considerable distance along the main “walking street” where purveyors of goods have wrested dominion back from the car and other forms of transport, which is always good to see.

The rope / bamboo bridge over to town centre Luang Prabang

The night market in Luan Prabang.

The intention “at the moment” is to lay over here for thereabouts a month, then head south to Vientiene (the capital) and then back into Thailand were some luggage needs retreaving.