Have been in this idyllic location since 16.05.17. The temperature has been fairly consistently around C34/C35 with sometimes cloudy, sometimes showery conditions. It never seems that bad when it rains though, it being so warm.

Went to the UXO Lao Visitors Centre yesterday.

The UXO visitors centre in Luang Prabang gives heartrending literal/graphic depictions of how a bombing war’s effects in the 1960’s are still being felt to this day.

It’s a graphic and literal representation of the impact that bombing had on areas of Laos during the Vietnam war. As you may know, part of the Ho Chi Minh trail went through Laos and it drew the attention of American bombers. More than 2000000 tons of explosive ordnance was dropped on the country.

At a basic level, little is known in the west of the damning residual effects the Vietnam war had on ordinary peoples lives in Laos and the price is still being paid to this day.

The residual effect are still being felt to this day. Children and adults, whether playing or working in the fields regularly suffer injuries as a result of moving, touching or inadvertently impacting these dangerous pieces of ordnance.
Came away feeling hugely moved by the stoicism and bravery of these people, just getting on with their lives.

As an adjunct, I would like to offer a name check for our time here in Luang Prabang. Given that you are going to stay in Luang Prabang, you must try to book “The Deck House”. Steven & Meryl provide exemplary accommodation in a beautifully prepared guesthouse offering, breakfasts, advice & encouragement to explore the locality. They have immersed themselves in a venture to which they have engaged themselves with aplomb. Furthermore, they have endeavoured to support and succour the local community in a myriad of disparate ways. Lynn & I tip our hats, in a salute to excellence.

As an aside, I would like to add my reflections on the impending General Election that is about to be played out back in the UK  in two days time. In the wake of the Manchester suicide bombing and subsequent London “Ram & Slash” attacks by Islamic extremists, which cost the lives of a cumulative 29 people and upwards of over 40 seriously injured.The prospect on the ballot sheet of having the likes of Corbyn, Watson, Abbott, Milne, McDonnell, and bankrolled by the likes of McCluskey and the UNITE union fills me with revulsion. These people are dyed in the wool “Cultural Marxists” who would destroy our country, it’s history, and it’s identity. Let’s hope for a large turnout and a providential vote.