The 7 hour overnight trip out to Inle Lake from Bagan deprived us of the sight of the lush Burmese jungles through which we passed. We arrived at around 04:30 whilst still dark. However, the proprietor was kind enough to open the gate and let us in early. After a late start we “mooched” around the town of Nyaungshwe to orientate ourselves. We negotiated a price for a day out on the lake for the following day from an itinerate Street fixer, then went back to our hostel (The Aquarius).

Tending the “Floating Tomatoe” plantation

The fast & narrow fish tail boat with boatmen for 16000 kyats (£9.25) from Nyaungshwe to the Ywama village on the other side of the lake about an hour away was a bargain. We stopped on the way to see a huge floating farm cultivating tomato & cucumber.

Ywama village was hugely interesting. Visiting various artisan establishments producing fabrics made from locally sourced silks, cotton and plants from which fine fibres were drawn spun and made into the fabric from which a variety of garments were made. Silver and Gold were also sourced locally from which jewellery was fashioned. A cigar factory where cigars, cigarillos and stogies were hand rolled from locally sourced leaf.


Handloom weaving…Amazing…effective simplicity.

Gliding around the village by boat minded one of other water borne environments that we had visited previously in the Mekong Delta in Cambodia. It is a privilege to meet and greet such a gentle, always smiling people.

The fishermen on Inle Lake have a novel, yet thoroughly practical way of using their feet to manipulate their fishing basket.


Friday 13.07.17 Headed south on the 10 am bus to Yangon. This time the beauty of the Burmese jungle did not escape us as our transport twisted sinuously down from the highlands to the low country. Utterly enchanting vistas. The trip south took 12 hours, and the taxi ride in from Yangon station another hour. Checked back in at Shannkaley hostel around eight in the evening.Lovely smiles of recognition from the hostel staff as we bowled through the door. Got settled down and promptly fell into a deep slumber.

Dexterous use of hands & feet in the process of fishing on Lake Inle.

Caught the 11:00 am flight out of Yangon back to Bangkok.
After having some reservations prior to going to Myanmar, I am so glad that I did. So much pleasure derived from meeting such a gentle courteous and helpful people. A countryside, (particularly in the mountainous jungle of the NE) that is utterly beautiful.
Will be headed south from Bangkok Friday 14.07.17 to spend some time on an island off the SE coast of the Thai peninsula