Landed to a grey Manchester morning at 11:55 14.11.17. Picked up a hire car and got to Middleton, where my sister in law kindly put us up. The wedding, to which we had been invited was to take place on Sunday 19.11.17

Got to Iceland on the evening of 21.11.17.Came out for a walk along the coastal path. Sub zero temperature (C-1) but wind chill took it down to -6. Got round the headland and into the relative shelter of the bay and then made it to a cafe selling warm “Pulser” and cold beer. Pricey though, the bill came to £16.00p. The beer alone was £6.50!

Mums birthday Saturday 25.11.17, so we are off out for a celebration lunch at Gardskàlinn in Kopavogur.

Will be heading out to Budapest on the 05.12.17 where I’ve got a dental appointment not far from the banks of the Danube.