Having initiated our travels in June of 2010 by way of a trip to see our daughter, who had acquired employment at the British School Tokyo, we spent a period of three and half weeks with her. During that time we toured around the city we saw a huge variety of  life, customs, fashion and the “ever so clean” and fastidious japanese urban cultural environment. We  had brunch in the restaurant at the Park Hyatt hotel, ( where Lost in Translation was filmed with Bill Murray). Expensive,£220.00 for three people. However, 2/3 courses including  Champagne and one simply had to have some wine. Hey Ho…. I was fortunate in that number 1 daughter paid for mine as it was my birthday….mmmmmm..:)  

A visit to Tsukiji fish market in downtown Tokyo has all the vibrancy, intense merchant activity, mobile porterage dashing hither and thither that one could wish for at 04:oo am ! Well worth the effort.

We reluctantly left Hannah to begin our trip down through Japan. Fortunately we had organised rail travel passes (discretionary rates when ordered abroad) prior to leaving “Blighty” as it was much cheaper than acquiring them once in Japan. We took the Shinkansen “Bullet” train down to Fuji and then a coach up to the town at the foot of the Volcano. After spending a few days in this idyllic location we took the coach back to Fuji station in order to catch the Bullet down to Kyoto where we spent a couple of days.

Then down to Hiroshima. Very moving…and the Peace Park and museum is a must. Then on to Nagasaki where we spent a few days “mooching”. Interest anecdote about a Scotsman, Thomas Blake Glover(1860) who spent some time down here creating a shipping and merchant business. He also built a wonderful mansion and gardens with guest houses and staff accommodation high on a promontory above the bay area.

We then travelled to Fukuoka in order to catch a ferry over to S.Korea.