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Have been here for three days at the “Lady Bora Bora” lodge, which is located just outside the town of Vaitape (population 8880) and next to the lagoon. The hostess is attentive to every need, which is borne out by her proudly producing a shield and Certificate of Merit from “Booking”.com. The islands natural topography is a study in natures capacity to produce an environment (both terrestrial & aquatic) of utterly stunning beauty.

The threshold to the pearl of the Pacific

The threshold to the pearl of the Pacific

There are many opportunities to do all kinds of activities. Hiking, trips around the island, sailing,reef walking,diving,….you name it. Naturally, yours truly tends to gravitate towards the least energetic possible which is also by favourite pass time…sunbathing…..yeehhhh.

However, my good lady decided to do the reef walking, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

IMG_1739Unfortunately, your interlocutor was laid a little low thanks to a thoughtless air passenger sat behind me spreading his cold germs through un-guarded sneezing. Anyhow, though irksome it did not detract from the pleasure of being here.
08.05.15 Sadly, flying back to Tahiti later this afternoon.However, our stay here will be fondly remembered, largely and more particularly because of the ministrations of our hostess Mdme.Desiree, who has been nothing short of magnificent during the course of our stay here at “Lady Bora Bora”.

Well the British election results are in, and I’m relieved to say that the Conservative party has won another term in office, unencumbered by the “dead weight” of Liberal Democratic proclivity for the irrational and banal. However, there still is a huge mountain to climb with respect to a re-negotiated settlement with the EU, dealing with deficit reduction and British competitiveness on the global stage.

Well after a couple of days, we will be off to the enigmatic Easter Island….will catch up with you there!

Rarotonga, one of fifteen in the Cook Island chain and hosting the capital Avarua is a pleasant location.Cook Islands population swells as flights from Australia and New Zealand provide much needed revenue for the islands economy. The people are welcoming and friendly.An Anzac Day commemorative service took place on Saturday the 25.05.15 that started at 05:00 am!!! which we attended. Local dignitaries came and gave speeches with much pomp and circumstance as the sun rose. Following the formalities there was a march past.DSCF0176After an eleven night stay, it was time to hit the road (figuratively speaking) Tahiti beckoned.

Boarding our flight ( an ATP prop holding around 50 passengers) one was filled with an almost child like excitement about entering a land of the truly exotic.Names bubbled up into ones consciousness. Those of “Bligh, Fletcher Christian and the Mutiny on the Bounty”,the artist Paul Gaugan, who spent the final twelve years of his life on the archipelago and all manner of imagery redolent of the South Pacific flooded in. Papeete constitutes the main island in the chain supporting 12000 souls.After a stay of three days, within which time one hopes to make it out to the Isle of Morea for the day, a flight subsequently to Bora Bora beckons where we will stop five days before a return to Papeete for a final three days https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Cook+Islands/Tahiti/@-18.7319916,-153.9755437,6z/data=!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x71548aefb97bdedd:0x24ca50e8808b4d8!2m2!1d-159.777671!2d-21.236736!1m5!1m1!1s0x741875d07c6dd74d:0x9bc07a7a09c35711!2m2!1d-149.406843!2d-17.679742/strong>

Tropic storm (Typhoon Pam) hit Vanuatu, a group of islands just to the west of Fiji yesterday. News reports say forty people were feared lost and wind speeds were recorded at 155mph. damage to property is extensive with almost ninety percent of homes impacted with structural damage. Bizarrely, the prime minister (Baldwin Lonsdale)of Vanuatu was away on a conference in Japan about disasters and their impacts.Here in Fiji the effects were less damaging, however the rain and windspeed increased dramatically and swiftly over a twelve hour period as the storm passed.certainly felt the power of a phenomenon that one had never experienced before. Quite remarkable and very disconcerting. 15.03.15 The storm now appears to have passed and is headed further south, to the north east of north island New Zealand.

View from NaNaNu-i-ru back to the mainland.

View from NaNaNu-i-ru back to the mainland.

27.03.15 Flew five and a half hours Jetstar back to Sydney. Left Fiji with mixed feelings. The people are wonderful and the outer islands are bliss. However, one is left with the sense of a tourist economy being “managed”, which isn’t really conducive for the purposes of independent long term travellers.

On a different note, we are flying back on an A320, five days after the German Wings flight piloted by Andreas Lubitz was deliberately flown into oblivion in the Southern Alps…..just a thought for the families of those people and what terrible agonies they must be going through.

Landed Kingsford Smith where number two daughter (Georgina) was kind enough to come out to meet us on arrival and drive us back to Bondi Beach. Had a good old natter and catch up, before “hitting the hay” for a relatively early night after a tiring day of travel.

31.03.15  Now begins a period of planning. The plan is to “Bunny Hop” across the Pacific Ocean,visiting islands along the way. A little daunting as there does not appear to be any integrated flight protocols for travellers wishing to make their own arrangements.One hopes to visit the Cook Islands, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Easter Island, finally getting to South America and making landfall in Santiago, Chile in May.

I do not think that it gets any better than this.

I do not think that it gets any better than this.

Monday 06.04.15 Sees the hustings gaining momentum for the UK general election. Interesting times. Endeavouring to make arrangement to vote remotely or through a third party proxy is proving somewhat time consuming but hopefully will get there in the end.

Friday 10.04.15 Having largely accomplished the task of figuring out flight connections and accommodation, all that remains of our stay in Australia is 10 days. Following which is a flight  to Aukland and then transfer to a flight to Rarotonga in the Cook islands.

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