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The weather here in Sydney has been somewhat mixed over the last few days. We are headed into Autumnal weather down in the southern hemisphere. The temperatures are however warm, when one compares here with that of say  somewhere like…….oh! I don’t know…… say Ramsbottom in Lancashire for instance.:)

Bondi..attracts "the beautiful people". They wear sunglasses....EVEN WHEN IT ISN'T RAINING...How cool is that!

Bondi..attracts “the beautiful people”. They wear sunglasses….EVEN WHEN IT’s CLOUDY!…How cool is that!

Come the 21st of April will be flying out to the Cook islands (with a short stopover in Aukland). I believe the Cook islands to be independent, though they are administered by New Zealand in free association. Named after the eponymous Captain James Cook, these islands languish in the southern Pacific sun. A group of 15 islands covering some 92.7 square miles of the southern Pacific ocean, they exist in idyllic indolence. The capital is Avarua hosting 10572 people (2011) on the main island of Rarotonga.

A plan has now been hatched, to “bunny hop” across the Southern Pacific Ocean from Rarotonga to Tahiti and on to Bora Bora in French Polynesia. Subsequently to Easter Island, making landfall in Santiago South America about the end of May.


26.10.13 Aukland NZ.

After a mad dash at Honolulu internation airport and boarding our plane just in time, we caught our breath, settled in for our nine hour, uneventful flight to Aukland. Arriving at just after nine in the evening a couple of friends with whom we were to stay, kindly picked us up. Aukland is a beautiful coastal city of 1.486 million people of a total population of 4.43. million(2012).There is an eclectic mix of nationals making the city divers and cosmopolitan.image

03.11.13 Came up to Kerikeri on the west coast. The four hour journey took us about six hours as we took our time calling at Warkworth, Wellsford, Kaiwaka, Whangarei, and Kawakawa. We passed beautiful pastures, forrested areas and rolling green verdent topography.

08.11.13 Went up to the north Cape Reanga, taking in a walk through a Kauri forest. We passed Manginangina, Doubtless Bay, Cable Bay, Kaitaia, the Taopay peninsula (at this point it is only 12 klms.between the east and west coast).

17.11.13 Came across to Thames and then over to the Coromadel and are doing some “wuffing”. The location is idyllic, (Whitianga) set in Flaxmill Bay, which sits within a larger bay called Mercury Bay. In 1769 Captain Cook was sent here at the behest of the Geographic Society back in the UK to make observations of  the transit of the planet  Mercury.image

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