Michael Palin, in his around the world documentary accomplished this feat in one of his episodes. We were keen to emulate the experience as the views that were presented on TV were so visually “stunning”. We caught a coach  to the Jinsa river area passing between “The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain” at 17703 ft and “Haba Snow Mountain” at 6600 ft. It is a contender for the world deepest river canyon and it’s just stunning. Hiking the 14  miles takes 2/3 days, depending on one’s fitness. There are hostels along the way that provide a welcome respite from the efforts of the day, especially when hot.

The hike is strenuous which some would say is exacerbated by the attentions of a man with a small horse who follows those that he has identified as potential clients for a ride ( a fee is payable, of course) on his horse and the long trudge uphill. We, of course were magnificent in our stoicism determination not to avail ourselves of his services.

The ice cold beer (or two) that one drinks on completion is most gratifying!