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Harvested those meagre resources available to me in the way of luggage space  I started my trip back to “Blighty” and ultimately on to Iceland. Stopping at KK (Kota Kinabalu) for two days (dental appointment). Then to KL (Kuala Lumpur) Sophies G/House Jalan Tun H S Lee,(buy a new netbook in Bukit Bintang,a suburb in KL) for another couple of days.

Southern Right Whale, enigmatic denizen of the deep in the Southern Ocean.

Southern Right Whale, enigmatic denizen of the deep in the Southern Ocean.

Amazing, the changes taking place in the city-scape, even in the short time it had been since I was last here.(KL being a hub airport for SE Asia). Subsequently a flight, courtesy of Vietnam airways via Hanoi back to Gatwick.

Hauntingly comfortable feeling landing at Gatwick and travelling through now familiar surroundings through to Euston and on up to the Lake District, to pick up the car

I wish....!

I wish….!

( which needs selling). Down to Manchester, an ill defined stay until the car is sold,  then harvest/submit figures for year end accounts, source some meds, do some housekeeping jobs,pick up warmer clothing for marginally colder climes, then off to Reykjavik.


Landed Keflavik 09:00….Got hauled in by the customs authorities for a cursory search of bags. Crestfallen….

"Why so serious"?....we're just doing our job

“Why so serious”?….we’re just doing our job

Long  tedious explanation vis a vis the quantity of meds I was carrying…..they allowed me to pass with a small fine for going down the green channel instead of declaring in the red channel.

Anyhow, the weather, apparently has taken a turn for the better since I arrived, so perhaps

this bodes well for my stay….One is indeed hopeful.

Bear in mind that an awful lot of people (certainly in the Antipodes) visit Bali. China and India are also building a burgeoning tourist

presence there. This all conspires to make the place (sucks teeth) a little, ….mundane. Never the less it provides fabulous weather,

good natured attempts to relieve  one of ones cash (you taxi driver, you know who you are!) and a rather jolly attitude to life. The roads and infra structure are challenging and sometime the queues horrendous

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Did some walks in and around Kuta to see the rice paddy fields, where farmers augment their income by selling artwork to the passing tourists.

Drove to the north coast of Bali where the sands are a volcanic black, very similar to the southern coast of Iceland. Perhaps indicative of the relative “youth” of the landscape in geological terms.DSCF9949

The Balinese people, I found to be very gentle,courteous and consistently welcoming. A cynic perhaps would say, that is a function of their reliance on tourism. I would venture to say by and large not, for there is a sense of inner grace and pride in their culture. The Indonesian muslim culture is gentle and non threatening, totally at odds with that which predominates further west in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

I had a dental appointment in Borneo, so flew out to KK on the 04.09.14 as a precursor to another flight two days later to Kuala Lumpur.


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