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Took a 10-hour executive overnight coach down from Bangkok to Ko Samui. Inclusive transfer by boat for an hour and a half trip over to the island and taxi ride to the Relax Hotel at Cheng Mon for a total cost of £20.60p per person, I count that as a bargain

Now, just waiting for the weather to improve. Came south with the hope of getting some sunshine, however, the last couple of days have been overcast with occasional rain.

Well goodness me..the weather didn’t disappoint! It’s a consistent C30 & clear blue skies day after day.

26.07.17 The weather has improved and the sun seems to be showing through the cloud much more regularly than hitherto.Hired a moped and went for a mooch around the island. Found a pretty little village located on the north side called Fisherman’s Cove, ( I guess that is a contrived name for the benefit of the tourists).

Made an appointment at a Dentist as a crown needs replacing. Should get it done for around Baht 8000 (£182).

02.08.17 Wednesday Down to the beach again today. The tan has come on really well with all the good weather we have been having. Only a short time left here as we will be making way back to Bangkok on Sunday for a couple of days. Then it is out to Brisbane to see our grand daughter.

This period saw us occupied in bringing a variety of things up to date including, dental checks, health checks,car service check and generally doing any jobs or administration work that had been needing attention. One major reason we delayed returning to our travels was that HLK (our eldest) was due to have a consultation  and then an op and we wanted to be around to lend support.
Anyhow,by 15.05.2012 we had flown out to Bangkok, stopping at the Korbua House Hotel.The primary reason that we had gone back to Thailand was that during our last trip we didn’t get to see the islands further south. Those being Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Samui on the east coast and Phuket,Pipi and Krabi, on the west side. I prefered the east coast resorts rather than those on the west, although this could be a function of my age!

I’m afraid that those resorts on the west coast though tolerable, were really in the throes of passing  their “sell by” dates.

By 12.06.2012 we had visited the islands that we had planned on seeing in Thailand and had crossed the border into Malaysia with the intention getting  out to Banda Aceh on the northern tip of Indonesia. We flew from KL to Medan on the Indonesian mainland. Ever since the December 2004 tsunami and those heartrending pictures of the devastation one wondered how the population and infrastructure had recovered.

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