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image“Eee by gum”, Looks like a counterintuitive destination. However, when one  is travelling,  numerous imperatives seem to impact an otherwise straightforward process, with a seemingly random and unexpected frequency. This one implied the immediate  return via Lima, Fort Lauderdale, New York, and Manchester.

Left Nazca late afternoon and got to Ica near the west coast early evening. Had booked in at Allanta  run by an energetic, informative and consummate host, Elva Romero. Ica is somewhat larger than I anticipated, being a centre for Viticulture, so naturally a wine tasting trip was “de rigeur” The town has little to distinguish itself other than its proximity to an extenuated part of the Atacama desert and some magnificent sand dunes, on which one can avail oneself of a “dune buggy”, and take a wild ride.IMG_1058 There is also sand surfing on offer, so had a go at that as well.
Stayed just two days in Ica, then made it to the coast at a place called Paracas. It is a seaside town that derives it’s income from the tourist trade. There is a trip worth taking to some offshore islands called Piedra Redondra and Ballestos where a multiplicity of bird, and sea life thrives.

The islands attract S.American fur (Chusco) seals.

The islands attract S.American fur (Chusco) seals.

The trip takes two hours and costs 46 Soles,($15) (about £8.70p).21.08.15  Took a four hour trip north to Lima. The capital city’s suburbs are unremarkable. However, once settled in the accommodation, took a walk down to the coast in the Miraflorez area of the city and was pleasantly surprised by a clean and well designed promenade for a short stretch along to a (now disused) lighthouse. The walk way was populated by para gliders making use of the updrafts along the escarpment.

Roosting Red Legged Cormorants.

Roosting Red Legged Cormorants.

The weather at the moment is decidedly cooler than one would expect, especially so close to the equator (833 miles to the north). However, a low pressure area seems to be engulfing a large portion of the western sea board over the past 4/5 days. Still surprising though, more so because “wall to wall” sunshine has been the “de facto” climate since arriving in S.America.

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