The 1933, James Hilton novel, “Lost Horizons” was instrumental in providing world wide notoriety to this area of Yunnan province. We arrived here flushed with success in the completion of Tiger Leaping Gorge and were eager to discover the evocative imagery conjured up by the name and the “zeitgeist”. 

Sadly, it was fairly disappointing. Culturally, all the elements were there but as often is the case, the conjured imagery lacks resonance in actuality. However, having said that, we had a good time. We went to an equestrian event, that was well attended in a purpose built stadium, meandered through the old part of the city full of “objets d’art” and bric-a-brac, and generally had a very relaxed and un-stressful time stopping at “Kevin’s Tracker Inn” until the 09.06.2011. From here we flew to Kunming.