Left Dali early for the trip to Lijiang to our hostel called Nomad Guest House and Cafe run by a lovely couple called Peter and Hsiang Wei and aunty Ai did the cooking with which Lynn was very impressed. We extended our stay here as it was such a joy being in a completely tranquil environment.

Peter & Hsiang with Aunty Ai and staff   She went to the market every day to buy fresh fruit,veg. All food was vegetarian. The hostel was a veritable haven of peace and tranquility.Lijiang has two areas. The commercial centre and a traditional ethnic environment in a completely refurbished  part of the old village. Heritage funds had been allocated to completely overhaul,refurbish and renovate the old buildings. Lijiang old town established itself eight hundred years ago and was originally settled by the Nakhi people.The town is just so picturesque, cut and divided by numerous waterways along which one can saunter, visiting artisan establishments and other small retail outlets housed in beautiful little buildings with open fronts.I stopped for a meal at a restaurant along the waterway and was intrigued to see a guy with some kit spending some time with various individuals that were eating. Intrigued, I watched for a while and discovered to my amazement that he was professionally occupied providing ear-wax cleaning at the table! I thought to myself,”I’vejustgot to try that”.!!



Lijiang is also the place that we first became aware of the proclivity of the Chinese bride and groom to have professionally taken pictures, but with a twist. They will engage a film/picture crew to go out in the field (literally) and do a “photo shoot” with lights cameras, balloons, baubles,bunting.Even more amazing was how the “Stars” were completely uninhibited in the way they posed and flounced around.From the standpoint of the “Reserve of the English”, this came as a total revelation. All too soon our time here slipped by and as we were minded to get to Tiger Leaping Gorge and the butt clenching vistas that were yet to be discovered. I say butt clenching, because these days I’m not all that good at heights. Hey Ho! one soldiers on.