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Had an interesting time meeting our AirBnB host Penny in the Sans Souci district, (10.12.19)Sydney. She had a taste for the Art Deco period, embellished with art work and photos from that period.

Later, (19.12.19) we had a house/dog sitting engagement on Angus street Earlwood for a delightful couple called Keith & Judy. He is a climber, with the distinction of having climbed Ball’s Pyramid lying within the Lord Howe island group 150 miles off east coast Australia. This peak has only been scaled 54 times. Keith, has done it three times!

Ball’s Pyramid is an erosional remnant of a shield volcano and caldera lying 20 kilometres southeast of Lord Howe Island in the Pacific Ocean. It is 562 metres high, while measuring only 1,100 metres in length and 300 metres across, making it the tallest volcanic stack in the world.
Ball’s Pyramid. Notice the group of people bottom right, to provide a sense of scale.

25.12.19 Decided to spend Christmas morning on Bondi Beach.

Looks like Father Christmas is taking a breather from his previous nights exertions!

Number two daughter, hubby & Thór came back from the Cook Island more or less straight away hubby Dom went out to the UK. We spent a while with Georgina helping with Thór and then once Dom got back we flew out to Vanuatu on the 27.01.20.

Landed Sydney from LAX 26.08.19. Got the shuttle into Bondi Junction whilst G,D, & T were out in the UK . Great to reunite when they returned a week later, and such a surprise to see how Thór had grown since January!

Spent the next couple of weeks relaxing, catching up and spending precious time with Thór. Flew up to Coomera on Friday the 20.09.19 to spend the weekend with H,Y & A. Then flew back down Sunday night.

Conference season with the Lib Dems and Labour parties just now with jaw dropping policy initiatives. Dems are actively promoting a “People’s Vote” (as if we hadn’t had one already, called a Referendum. Labour are advocating getting rid of all Public Schools and remaining in the EU (notwithstanding the vote to leave). It is disconcerting to receive news that is going on in british politics at the moment. The “Establishment” are plainly refusing to countenance leaving the EU.

Went back up to H,Y & A in Coomera 08.10.19 for Lynn’s psyio appointment and spend time with H,Y&A. Left for Bali on a “visa run” on 23.10.19. Back to Sydney on Thursday 31.10.19. Flying up to Hervey Bay QLD on the 06.11.19, house / pet sitting for a couple (Andy, Eileen & Rusty their dog).


Well a General Election in the UK has been announced for December 12th. Interesting time ahead. Now in Kuta coming to the end of an 8 night stay. It has been soooooo relaxing, great weather, cool beer, and light meals.

07.11.19 Took Andy & Eileen to Hervey Bay Airport yesterday. They have kindly allowed us the use of their vehicle in their absence to get Rusty to the beach each afternoon for a play. Andy & Eileen live in a beautiful 3 bedroomed bungalow with a couple of lounges and a lovely patio area where Lynn can indulge in some artwork. Andy & Eileen will return Saturday 23.11.19 on the noon flight.

23.11.19 Saturday: Picked Andy & Eileen up from the airport. Rusty was pleased to see them. Sunday we went over to Fraser Island. Intriguing landscape. Arising from the caldera of a n ancient super volcano, the sandy island is home to flora & fauna of unique provenance. It is a national park and the rangers who conducted our tour were very informative and knowledgeable. Later took a light aircraft flight over the island. One of only two in the world that has an airstrip on the beach. The other being Barra island in the Scottish isles. Monday 25.11.19: Taking the train (for a change down to Gold Coast).

10.12.19 Tuesday: Febrile activity in the run up to Christmas. LK has an eye operation tomorrow. It is called a “Vitrectomy with Membrane Peel“. GLHK & Thór back from a “Girlie Weekend” and Dom is back from the US after a “jolly” with the lads. LK and I will be moving to an Airbnb on Grand Parade with Penny. Sydney is badly impacted with the smoke from bushfires to the north and west of the city just now. The “scuttlebut” is that, it has been much worse this year in comparison to previous years.

13.12.19: The result of the GE has been confirmed. The Tories have regained power/government under Boris Johnson for a 5 year term with 365 seats over Corbyn’s Labour Party 203 seats, a 43.6% to 32.2% margin.

Have now moved out of Sydney CBD to Sans Souci area near Dolls point, about an hour and ten minutes from Circular Quay. Domiciled with a lady called Penny until thursday 19.12.19.

Back to work

22.12.19 Sunday Last Thursday we spent a night in Bondi at George & Doms. We baby sat whilst they went out to enjoy a meal and theatre tickets we treated them to a “Cirque de Soleil” performance. Friday we moved to our next “dog minding” assignment in the Earlfield district of Sydney. Keith & Judy, the couple who’s two dogs we were to take care of, are a delightful and interesting. Keith’s passion is climbing, and he holds the distinct honour of having climbed a notoriously difficult peak 150 miles of the eastern seaboard of Australia in a group of islands called the “Lord Howe” island group. Within which lies a 560 metre (1600 ft) edifice called “Balls Pyramid.”

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