On Sunday 10.03.19, we were given a joint birthday present treat to a concert Matiné of Classical Opera Music Favourites at Sydney Opera House.

Happy Birthday!

It was absolutely delightful. Nessun Dorma from Turandot, Puccini La Bohème, Massenet & Strauss. The compère provided a beautiful foil with comedic lines delivered with drôle understatement.

Will be headed up to Coomera on Thursday 14.03.18 for a short interlude with Amelie, Hannah & Yuya before taking off back to Mexico.

Landed Cancun 21.03.19 grabbed the ADO airport bus out to Puerto Morelos and then a “Collectivo” to meet our host Omar on “Avenida Delfines.” Will stay, probably a month, then move on down the coast to Playa del Carmen for another month.

For the second time MP’s voted against May’s reprehensible withdrawal agreement. It appears that the government of the UK is dead set against complying with the vote to leave the EU and are employing artifice to rob us of our democratic decision to leave.

However, on the 13.03.19, parliament voted to take “No Deal” off the tabe, thereby leaving us with absolutely no leverage against the EU. This decision will live in infamy.

Thursday 03.05.19 Today, I paid my £25 and joined the “Brexit Party.” From a position of being absolutely sick of the way May & the Conservative Party have conducted themselves with respect to our supposed exit from the EU, I decided to act. For too long now Theresa May, Gavin Barwell, Whitehall & it’s mandarins Mark Sedwill, Ollie Robbins have worked assiduously to water down & nullify our mandated vote to leave the EU, ECJ, CAP, CFP, CDF taking back control of our laws, borders, & money.

22.04.19 Well, had a surprise birthday treat planned for today. A trip out into the bay on a leaping, diving submersible. However, when we got there, the staff said that it had gone unserviceable. Disappointed, however, spent the rest of the afternoon harbourside restaurant downing cocktails. Hey Ho..!

Costa Rica Tree Iguana

25.05.19 The PM Theresa May has handed her resignation in after much pressure from the 1922 committee. However, I do think it’s too little, too late. The Conservatives got wiped out in the European Elections. Elections, I hasten to add that we should not have taken a part in, but for the PM’s prevarications. Flew down to Costa Rica for a few weeks. The weather doesn’t bode well, as it is “Rainy Season” here. San Jose, the capital is a “hodge podge” of shops, small stores and feverish economic activity, as store holders, customers and suppliers all choke the streets & thoroughfares with their wares and blandishments for “bargains” galore. Decided to head down to the coast & ended up in Villareal, a town close to Tamarindo on the Pacific coast. 04.06.19. Have now moved further along the Pacific seaboard to a town called Samara just south of Nicoya. It has a very “laid back” ambiance with a not insignificant presence of American, Italian, European expatricianers in evidence. The hostel El Dorado (US$125 for 7 nights), is run by Stephan an ex pat Italian and his son Christopher. Both delightfully engaging individuals. 13.06.19, will be headed back to San Jose for a couple of days prior to flying down to Guayaquil in Ecuador.