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The Squeeze: Come 17:00pm in Shibuya & Shinjuku it’s time for the trip home on the Metro. It really is something to behold when one sees how a multitude of people “hell bent” on getting into an available underground carriage in order to make that trip home, “make like sardines in a tin”. In Shinjuku, they even have official “people pushers” employed by the underground, to assist in the process of squeezing as many people as possible on the train.

Travelling down to Shibuya to see the famous crossing that provides access for five different Zebra crossings, all at a road junction near Shibuya 109. Managed to get an elevated spot in Starbucks from which I got a couple of photos.

Toko is the pre-eminent toilet bowl producer in Japan. I think I alluded to the fact in an earlier post that I just love their “heated seat” technology toilets. In furtherance to this
I engaged in the process of finding where they were made. As it turned out, the showrooms where sited near Shibuya Station. So a very entertaining afternoon was spent perusing both kitchen arrangements (they now do kitchens) and toilet bowls and cyclonic flush technology. nb. perhaps an opening for James Dyson of carpet cleaning fame. You may find this hard to believe but the technology I am told, is moving on. There are toilets now in the pipe line (so to speak) that analyse faecal matter to enable diagnosis of impending maladies.
Some of the architectural highlights like the Gakuen Cocoon Tower, which houses a fashion outlet Mode Gakuen. A Digital concept company HAL IT, and Shuto Iko medical treatments & care. It designed by Tange Associates and completed in 2008.

Nishi-Shinjuku has a number of high rise, noteworthy buildings.

Arrived Narita International to clear blue skies and sunshine. The shuttle and then train in to the city took just over an hour and it was heartening to recognise familiar landmarks as one began to orientate oneself once again to the sprawling metropolis that is Tokyo.I had forgotten quite how delightful the prevalence of courtesy and manners were when one is out and about shopping or merely walking and exploring downtown Shibuya. The assault on the senses by lights, sounds, and traffic is all consuming.IMG_1404IMG_1358Wandering around the shopping streets, I was struck by the number of “Poodle Parlours” and shops selling miniature dogs. There appears to be a predilection for miniatures in Tokyo. I guess the size of dog is more conducive to apartment living .IMG_1369Prices were also fairly elevated. The few that I saw were anywhere between two and three thousand pounds!Well time marches on and we are expecting number2 daughter and boyfriend and also a good friend from “Blighty” to arrive today as a precursor to us all sharing Christmas together.25.12.15Christmas day saw all seven of us out to a gourmet michelin restaurant called Au bon Accueil. Seven beautifully prepared dishes, exquisitely presented along with appropriate wines. Based in the Setagaya Ku suburb, this delightful little restaurant only has room for fifteen or so covers.Rising to leave I went along to thank and compliment the chef who, graciously came out to the street to wave us bye bye.
27.12.15Caught up with some of the news from ‘Blighty’. Quite sad to see the images of flooding and flood damage that appears to have hit N.W. England.

31.12.15New Years Eve, saw us at the Park Hyatt Tokyo for afternoon tea that stretched into early evening.IMG_1538Later we all repaired down to a Shinto shrine called “Kitazwa Hachiman” to celebrate the coming of the New Year.
02.01.16As with every new year celebration, a period of re-adjustment ensues that takes a couple of days to re-engage with normality.IMG_1523

Part of the crew out in Shibuya

Part of the crew out in Shibuya


Christmas 2012 Tokyo

The Kwaszenko family members managed to coalesce from disparate locations around the planet in   Tokyo at number 1 daughter and boyfriends residence.

These two were in Shibuya 109. This is a down town store specifically dedicated to youth fashion. It had so much vibrancy and excitement that was really engaging.

Two Dolly teens in Shibuya 109

Two Dolly teens in Shibuya 109


Temperature is C7 !!!!, a staggering level, considering that we had come from C32 in Malaysia. Christmas shopping in Shinjuku  is a joy as the propensity of the Japanese for courteous deference and constant politeness is so refreshing when “out and about” shopping and on the “super efficient” subway system. Christmas Day was spent on a little sojourn to “Yoyogi Park“. We were accosted by a group of whacky street performance artists and got roped in to a mime which involved us getting dressed in party hats, a false moustache and a musical instrument.

The Impressario

The Impressario

We were then requested to make our way down some steps with a group of others (equally strangely dressed) and a film was made. Bizarre!!

Not a sound was heard and nobody fell....

Not a sound was heard and nobody fell….

Shibuya was a “couldron” of shops, shoppers,street music, traffic all conspiring to create the buzz and vibrancy which Tokyo has in copious amounts.

The courtesy shown to us on many occasions was so heartening. People would come to us to ask if we were lost, or needed any direction to a particular place or store.


At first, slightly cynical and a little sceptical. But with cajoling and encouragement engaged the highly spirited performance.

Going up…..to come down!!

Good time crew

Good time crew

It’s only Rock ‘nd Roll, but I like it…

A happy and engaging bunch. How refreshingly honest Good Fun.

There was a real buzz about this lot of performers in the park. They put so much energy into it that was so engaging and great fun.

But, "They liked Sushi"!! was the title of the number they were singing

But, “They liked Sushi”!! was the title of the number they were singing

The title was repeated over and over until….”Everybody Liked Sushi!”

Just too much partying, I guess.

Obviously too much for a couple on the Tokyo underground.

Obviously too much for a couple on the Tokyo underground.

Used to be able to go all weekend and then turn up for work on a Monday morning, ready to go….Not any more, I’m afraid.

Where the Dickens are we?DSCF2288

Travelled by Shinkhansen to Gala Yuzawa ski resort three hours out west from Tokyo. We got to the room mid afternoon. It was so cold in the room ( as the season had just started and the heating had not been put on) that one simply had to get warm….somehow!!DSCF2346!

Beautiful day, beautiful environment. Great place to ski and to get to as the Bullet train stops at  Yuzawa station, where the ski lift is.DSCF2376

Obviously over exerted himself on the demanding slopes andDSCF2387 in need of a brief respite.

Dynamic duo.

Dining “Korean Style” in Japan by way of a  change. How bizarre!DSCF2403

Back in “Blighty” by 04.01.13 in time for snowfalls and freezing temperatures.DSCF2480

Now beginning to miss the sun!

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