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Thought at one stage that the late arrival in KL of the flight from Bangkok DMK to KUL 09.08.17 would obviate the connection to Oz. However, made it with time to spare. Landed nine hours later on a beautiful, cloudless Friday morning on The Gold Coast. Number 1 daughter and grand daughter came out to pick us up.

Day after day after day…….clear blue skies & bright sunshine. Temperatures are steadily increasing also, to C24 with an occasional leap to C30, and back down again to C25. On the news, I noticed that a report from Melbourne in the south, people were still wearing top coats and sweaters, invoking re – realization how there is much cooler weather there, and just how big Australia is!

Took Amelie to “Baby Rhyme Time” at the local library. Have noticed that the numbers attending are steadily increasing as the half hourly sessions bring parents and children in for a sing song and social. Also went for a walk around a beautiful man made lake adjacent to the Coomera river. It is utterly enchanting doing the walk with a child as they notice & pick up on lots of things that “grown ups” just pass by. Like the wind rustling leaves, birds in flight, the fragrances of woodland, flowers, freshly cut grass, flickering sun light coming through leaves of trees. On the way back called at Dan Murphy’s for a few “tinnies” & crisps.

Baby Rhyme Time at Coomera Library.

Last weekend,Fri 08.09.17 went down to Sydney to see number two daughter and hubby for a visit. Walked down to Bondi Beach to stretch our legs and came across a kite competition along the beach. Pitched up at the North Bondi RSL club for a drink and a snack with great views along Bondi Beach.

North Bondi RSL Club.

Seems bizarre that we are headed toward Christmas, a period within which “summertime” temperatures will be in the mid C30’s!

Friday 21.10.17 Down to Sydney to see #2 daughter for a quick flying visit. Also a party to celebrate a birthday and 1st skydive that a friend had undertaken. Then back up to Coomera on Sunday afternoon.

Headed out from Coomera to Singapore on 03.11.17.  Will spend a few days here, no doubting a visit to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the Long Bar in Raffles Hotel. Saw the Light Show set to music  on the lagoon, not far from The Sands for the first time. Impressive!

05.11.17 Krabi (Thailand) Got a transfer to Popeye Guest House and  walked down a familiar road to the beach, where one notes that they had completed the paved area promenade to the left. Unfortunately the “fish tail” boat engine noise was still a subliminal irritation as they ferried never ending groups of tourists to Railay Beach around the headland. All that being said, it will be pleasant relaxing in the sun for a week topping up the tan.

11.11.17 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Arrived at 10:50am after an early departure from Krabi & and a one and a half hour flight south. Always a pleasure going back to Malaysia as people are so courteous and pleasant to deal with. Will stay for two nights at Submarine G/H before taking a flight out to Doha early in the morning. From Doha will grab a connection back to Manchester.   





Some problems at the border saw us fail to reconnect with our coach. The protocol at most border control points is that one dismounts (with luggage) from your transport “schlepp” across to have your passport and luggage checked, then pick up the coach on the other side. Unfortunately, for us this did not happen. The coach either went back the way it had come or failed to do a head-count and went on without us, much to our chagrin.

Fortunately there was a Shuttle Bus service which took us to the nearest underground…..and this was our first indication of how slick, modern, and professional the Singaporean environment is. Simply everything is doable with elegant efficiency.

Let me say at this juncture that a number of travellers, both back home and those that we met said that they were fairly ambivalent about Singapore and its ultra clean and sanitised environment. I would like to demur.I loved it. Everything works….people don’t throw rubbish on pavements or spit in the very theatrical way  that we had come to expect most everywhere else, there’s no graffiti, laws are respected. Overall it is a very sophisticated society that is welcoming, providing a variety of stimuli, be it artistic, artisanat, business orientated or simply tourism. We actually came across the Singapore National Gallery by happenchance.


Singapore National Art Gallery is a must for anyone wanting to see any of a plethora of exhibitions that display there during the course of  a season. Whilst we were there an exhibition of some “world famous” paintings were on show. “Starry Night” Van Gogh,…”Les joueurs de carte” Paul Cezanne, and others by Gauguin. “Les Joueurs de carte” sold for $250,000,000.00 in 2011!

A landscape in which the starry night sky takes up two thirds of the picture. In the left foreground a dark pointed Cypress pine tree extends from the bottom to the top of the picture. To the left, village houses and a church with a tall steeple are clustered at the foot of a mountain range. The sky is deep blue. In the upper right is a yellow crescent moon surrounded by a halo of light. There are many bright stars large and small, each surrounded by intense swirling halos. Across the center of the sky the Milky Way is represented as a double swirling vortex.

Mega Bucks!

Starry Night will be also rather expensive. However, this just gives the reader a little indication of the quality of the works on display. Should one have any artistic inclinations, be they active or simply observational, this is the place to go.

There is undoubtedly a sense of dynamism, vivacity and progress in the atmosphere around Singapore. Definitely worth a visit even, as in our case only briefly. We had to leave after three days to catch a plane from Kuala Lumpur back to the UK to spend Christmas with our progeny.

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