The hill top town of Cartona provides sweeping views of the surrounding countryside.

Strange title, I know…but true. The last three weeks have been tough going renovating, repainting and refurbishing a property. Case of  waking, working, eating and sleeping from 06:00am to 18:00pm relentlessly for 21 days. However, the results were satisfying and the project is now completed.
I’m writing this in Fiumicino (Leonardo DaVinci) International Airport in Rome. It’s 22:00 we are on airport benches relishing the prospect of a nights sleep on them as a precursor to getting the train into down town Rome tomorrow to check in at our Airbnb accommodation. Never been to Rome before, so I am looking forward to the prospect of visiting historical sites in their ubiquity. Architecture, sculpture and artworks that have beguiled, enchanted and inspired through the centuries of their existence. My only concern is that there will be just too many tourists doing exactly the same thing that I propose doing!
08.04.17 Friday

I’m afraid that I have completely capitulated to the stunning beauty that that now envelopes me within it’s bucolic embrace. The softly rolling hills, captivating villages and the gentle pace of life are utterly beguiling.

Late afternoon and the sun settles down into the Umbrian landscape

The Tiber (Tevere) river’s sinuous track through Rome.[/capt]

Of course the ultimate aim of this little junket to Rome is to make our way north east to a tiny village in the Tuscan hills called Montelucci for the wedding of my second daughter Georgina to her fiancé Dominic on the 15.04.17. For the moment we are spending a few days in a Tuscan hilltop village called Villastrada in the Province of Perugia for a little private time with our daughter.