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20.04.18  Monday will be headed out of  town north for a change of domicile tomorrow. The Nilo Hotel, here in Acapulco has been an excellent place to relax since coming down from Mexico City. Roof top pool and bar, huge bed (8’x8′).

22.04.18 Surprise…Surprise….for my birthday! Lynn has arranged an upgrade to the Penthouse Apartment in Nilo Hotel.

Private elevator for ones exclusive use, with views over the rooftop pool and the city beyond. My oh my….enormous bed, self contained kitchen and dining room with vistas through a convex shaped plate glass window over to the other side of the city & a couple of bottles of Argentinian Merlot to be imbibed, at leisure. Later will be going out to a favourite restaurant, “Questa Pasta.”


Questa Pasta….mmmmm.

22.04.18 Sunday: The elevator to our room made a mechanical click as it came to rest at 09:00am this morning. The maid came out apologising profusely as she had woken us both up from deep slumber with a Moet Chandon Champaign Breakfast tray and a mixture of cakes, cheeses, grapes & biscuits!

Late afternoon, took a taxi to Mondo Imperial Hotel about half an hour down the coast for afternoon Brunch. The Bucks Fizz kept flowing and the steaks were enormous rib eye specials. Came back stuffed and spent the rest of the evening in the roof top pool.


23.04.18 Will be headed north west of the city about 25 klm for a week Air BnB stay at Pie de la Cuesta on Monday. Then, subsequently headed south to a little town called Puerto Escondido.

25.04.18 This evening will be going to see the Cliff Divers at La Quebrada Acapulco. Their fame & notoriety spread worldwide following the 1963 Elvis Presley film Fun in Acapulco. However, it was in 1934 that Raoul Garcia, brought the phenomenon to local public attention. Apparently as evening draws in they take to diving with lit torches!


Boarded an overnight (semi Calma (almost flat bed)) coach from Sucre at 20:00 hrs and arrived in La Paz twelve hours later. First impressions waking from a fragmented nights sleep was of a multi layered conurbation descending down from precipitous slopes to the valleys below bathed in early morning sunlight. Used the time available during the first few hours to go to “Moon Valley”, an unusually eroded area that is evocative of what an active imagination would think that a moonscape would look like. Later took the opportunity to take a cable car ride over the city and up the heights at the level of the “Alti Plano”IMG_0639

  1. La Paz, in Bolivia, is the highest administrative capital in the world, resting on the Andes’ Altiplano plateau at more than 3,500m above sea level. It stretches to El Alto city in the highlands, with snow-capped, 6,438m-high Mt. Illimani as its backdrop. The city’s dramatic setting can be taken in during rides on Mi Teleférico, the aerial cable car system.
    Thursday 02.07.15 Wandered up to Plaza Murillo and the offices of the President. The square is delightful, providing a forum for social interaction in the mid afternoon sunshine. Later wandered up to Calle Jaen a narrow lane that was full of interest from a historical perspective. Along its length it had a couple of museums and a number of artisan “bijou” retail outlets.

    Calle Jaen…The ridge at El Alto can be seen in the distance.

The strange "otherworldlyness" of Moon Valley, La Paz

The strange “otherworldlyness” of Moon Valley, La Paz

Saturday 03.07.15 Yesterday met a delightful Dutch couple Rens & Francoise, completely by happen chance whilst out walking downtown. We had met them earlier when in Potosi visiting the Museum. We stood talking for almost an hour, exchanged e-mail addresses and hopefully we will remain in touch.
The weather seems to have drawn a lot of cloud today as the views over the city have disappeared which is a shame,but on the other hand it presents an opportunity to catch up on internet news over the Greek farago and blog writing.Tomorrow will be vacating our domicile here and taking a three hour coach trip up to Copacabana on the shoreline of lake Titicaca (alt.3812m.(12507ft). See you in Copacabana.

Back with #2 daughter and family for a short stay & cuddles. Will be heading out to Tweed Heads, house sitting for Angie & Phil [01.03.22]. They are planning & victualing their boat, for a proposed trip up north for a few months.

Disconcerting news. It appears that LRAD [Long Range Active Denial] energy weapons have been in use by police in Canberra. Also, Canada has now sent in armed police in order to break up the trucker demonstration in Ottawa. They appear to be overly violent in their application of the Trudeau government edict.

Good news! #1 daughter, husband Yuya & Amélie are flying down from Gold Coast for a quick weekend visit.


Well, what a weekend that turned out to be! I was roundly castigated for, would you believe, “Looking aggressively.” That one, came right out of the blue. Anyhow, enough said.

Fairly tumultuous times at the moment. Vladimir Putin’s forces launched an invasion of Ukraine territory on 24.02.22. Ostensibly, this was in support of separatists in Donetsk in the east. His forces are closing in on Kyiv the capital, hundreds of miles from the supposed area that Putin’s forces were supposed to be supporting. So basically, it was an excuse for invading a foreign independent nation.

Of course this event is roundly condemned. However, it seems, at least from the political perspective a tad disingenuous for western leaders to condemn Putin whilst, having the blood of thousands on their hands. From the time of Bush & Blair the west have left a less than illustrious legacy, all around the Middle East, Africa, & Yugoslavia.

03.03.22 Thursday….flew up to Gold Coast for ‘House sit’ for Phil & Angie whilst they head north on a passage with Blueberry Hill their catamaran.

Friday 11.03.22

Today we are going to Tweed Heads harbour. Phil & Angie have invited us on board for a meal & a look around their boat ”Blueberry Hill.”


The incessant rain that has been a feature of recent weather patterns, seems to have given us some ‘respite’ as those unfortunate, to own properties close to the “Tweed” river & low lying property’s, bale out, get rid of damaged furniture and try to clean up after the flooding. Have just returned from Coomera on Tuesday after looking after Amélie from Saturday whilst H & Y took a trip over to Perth, for a look around and some time together.


Had a day out with Amélie at the Currumbin Zoo in Tweed Heads. The weather was perfect and the crowds were quite small.


Did some tidying up and sent Oz blood test results back to UK surgery for an update. Also uploaded IMMI document [police check] for the Tourist Visa requirement. Hannah completed the major part of what she needed to do for her Masters in Education & Counselling. She has two more units to complete, then it is done.

The French elections are coming up. It will be interesting to see if Macron can retain the presidency.

Inauspicious arrival into Perth this time. Humourless, deadpan Border officer, processing loads of ‘masked’ zombies getting off an aeroplane after a anodyne 5 hour flight from Adelaide. God, how the world has changed, in so short a time.

Have now been at our “house sit” here in Yanchep for a week (flew Adelaide/Perth 18.11.21). Our absentee host Harley, has taken time to fly out to Switzerland to see his girlfriend Camille & do some travelling in Europe. The house is a large 4 bedroomed bungalow about 30minutes walk from the coast.

10.01.22 Took an early morning stroll down onto Capricorn Beach & styles down for a snooze. A couple of minutes went by and, looked & behold a pod of Dolphins came along & decide to do some surfing in the swell!


Having picked up a Camper Van in Perth following our #2 daughter suggestion of using the facility of re-homing vehicle at a discounted rate from Perth to Adelaide, we made our way to Espérance to use the 2 days extra we purchased on top of the 5 day allocated for the transfer. We also were provided with a $400 budget, to go towards the diesel! [it actually took $900]. Whilst in Espérance we took the opportunity for a light aircraft flight around some of the 150 islands in the archipelago. The day after, we took a boat trip out to “Pink Island Lake” and had pleasure in seeing the flora, fauna ancient topography in the area.

Engaging the trip to the east a couple of days later, we first headed north to Norseman. Then turned East to Caiguna, Eucla, Border Village through the Nullabor plains. We also had the opportunity to see the notorious “Road Train Trucks” in action. One of which had the proclivity to “twitch” the third of his trailer to hit the dusty hard shoulder in order to cover us in a thick dust cloud, forcing us to brake after a disorientating couple of seconds. Nice to know that we provided some idle entertainment for a “bored” ‘Knight of the Road.’

We covered just over 3000km. on the trip to Adelaide, getting in to the THL compound, near the airport late afternoon. Caught the second flight out to Sydney the following day 13.02.22. Caught the bus from the airport out to Caringbah and were delighted to meet #2 daughter and Thór & Mathilde, who had come out for a walk to meet us. Big hugs and kisses followed.

Came south and into a two week quarantine demanded by the South Australia administration, for those that happen to be arriving from “outside of state borders.” The flight had barely 30 passengers, (the airlines have been badly impacted). Soooooo….we are not allowed out…at all, unless it is to get a Covid test at the 5th & 13th day after testing on arrival. The plan, eventually is to make it over to WA to do a “house sit” for a couple (Harley & Camille) who are going to travel around Europe from a landing in Switzerland. They plan on being away for approximately 3 months!

05.11.21 Had our first food delivery at 08:00am expedited by a guy masked & in a van from Woolworths. I must admit that all this has a slight air of surreality to it! Having breathed the same air as 30/40 people on an aircraft, landed, engaged with compliance officers in a huge hall filled with probably 20 other compliance officers, masked up and processing paperwork. After so doing, being left to walk through a semi deserted airport building, and into a Subway Café to order food. Then an Uber trip to our quarantine lodgings & to stay here without any extraneous human contact, for a period of 15days is just a tad “Alice in Wonderland..ish.” This, don’t forget, has been created by a cohort of unqualified politicians and ill informed medical administrators, “guided by (the science).

18.11.21 Got back to Perth today for a house sitting for Harley & Camille in Yanchep.

Friday October 1st 2021. Miraculously, I had come away unscathed, from my nights noble endeavours at the side of Sir Arthur Wellesley. We were pitched against Marshal Marmont and his French forces, in the Battle of Salamanca, in the Peninsular war 1808! Needless to say, they were dispatched with vigour.

Heroically, I dragged myself out of bed and made it to the bathroom, feeling the cooling balm of a tiled floor & water on my face.

It seems that a promenade down the beach has become a regular feature of our lives by the sea here at Lighthouse beach.

Had some encouraging news this evening. It seems probable, that some indictments will be going out in the USA, from a firm of attorney’s called Thomas Renz. Delivered to Anthony Fauci and the FDA.

01.11.21 Travelled down to Sydney with our host Meredith who kindly dropped us off at Base. Will stop here until our border and police clearance comes through from South Australia.

Flew up to Port Macquarie on Thursday (1hour duration) 02.09.21 after a tearful farewell to #2 daughter and family. Had a wonderful time seeing our grandchildren, and helping them in what way we could to get settled and “off & running” in their new domicile. Absolutely great to see them take their place in the “property owning democracy.”

We found beautiful AirBnB accommodation with a lady called Meredith in property near Lighthouse Beach, a delightful Port Macquarie suburb.

11.09.21 On this sad day of remembrance (twin towers). I allude to the beautiful environment we now occupy. A coastal location, myriad topography & geology redolent of past cataclysm, giving stunning walks and vistas on which, to relish and enthral. Taking a coastal walk of 7.9 kilometres we were treated to an eclectic mixture of flora& fauna, ending conveniently enough on Town Beach…downtown! We began beyond Tacking Point Lighthouse beach & ventured along Shelley, Flynn’s, Cathie, and Nobby beach, ending our sojourn at the Hastings River estuary & Town Beach.

Monday, sees us all gradually getting over coughs, sneezes, phlegm and general lethargy and indolence. The effects of the vaccine / virus are quite pervasive. In the news, it seems there is lots of consternation about the impact and residual effects of the vaccine rollout. Expert opinion also seems to have fragmented into various factions. Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine have polarized opinions within the medical fraternity & conspiracy theories abound.  

The £ is up to 1.180600 this morning, a reflection perhaps, of the strength of the UK economy and GB’s successful rollout of the Astra Zeneca vaccine.  

Monday 22.08.21 The paintwork goes on, notwithstanding at a significantly reduced pace. The ground floor ceiling is now finished.

After a couple of warm days in which, I grabbed some time sun bathing in the garden, it has now turned quite cold again. Looks like we will be headed out to Port MacQuarie at the end of the month, as the consensus view is that painting may continue at a much more measured and leisurely pace by Dom, George, Thór & Amelie.

The situation in NSW is dire with respect to Covid19, as the premiere has tightened down substantially on mobility, congregating and the social diaspora. The focus is annoyingly, always on cases and bizarrely, not deaths which would have much more resonance with respect to the public’s perception of how bad things are.

Number 2 daughter & husband Dominic, have acquired a 4 bedroomed property! Yippee! Urgent request from daughter, to come down and help prepare upstairs. Paint, clean and make good, whilst all ensconced in said property. Chaotic,……but do-able. What followed was a hard 3 weeks of graft! Progress is definitely being made and the bedrooms, doors, windows & cupboards have all been painted. 4 coats on the cupboards as they were metal framed and acrylic laminated surfaces. Vivid White woodwork & Lexicon White walls.

“Base Camp” for the first stage assault on north face traverse across the “Bedroom Tryptic.”

Have had a very phlegmy cough and thick head recently. I suspect it is a symptom that has manifested itself since I had the Astra Zeneca vaccination for Coronavirus 19, on 02.07.21 at Coomera Medical Centre. (( 28.07.21)Have developed a very phlegmy cough, itchy legs and occasional dizziness.))

Monday 26.07.21-Had a great afternoon away from painting, & out with the family walking around the local area of “Lilli Pilli.” Walked down to the Port Hacking river swim pool. Then caught the bus back along Port Hacking road and back to Telopea Avenue for a delightful evening meal, prepared and served by Dominic. The properties & environment in the Lilli Pilli diaspora are eclectic, well designed “eye candy.”

3 days in Bondi stopping at “XBase” and seeing grandchildren, then out on a flight to Perth for a hospital appointment (LK), then a flight out to Brisbane on the 14.06.21 to see Amelie & family.

Things are building to a I frenzy of activity in the Hovell-Kwaszenko household as rented accommodation subsumes into being a part of the “property owning democracy.”

06.06.21 Canning Vale: Arrived by Metro & Bus at our domicile with Marlene. However, on leaving the bus it had started to rain. Fortune favoured us as a kindly local stopped her car and offered a lift. Joy soon fell away to abject misery however, as delivering us to our domicile it subsequently transpired that Mrs. K had left a bag containing her passport, iPad, wallet, bank and credit card behind, in the car. One can only hope that our “Good Samaritan” sees the bag and drops it off to us. Fingers crossed.

09.06.21 Good news! We were out on a walk, just mooching really, with half an “eye out” for a red vehicle with a damaged near side door &, we found it. The kind lady who offered us the lift hadn’t noticed the bag! So the situation has resolved itself.

09.06.21 Wednesday arrived in Bibra Lake for a 6 day stay with Ian Bowman & Amy’s homestay. The weather has turned cold & windy. On LK’s previous stay here(hospital appnt.), Ian gained some notoriety for managing to disappear into a thorny rose bush whilst endeavouring to help LK with her luggage from the car. He managed to extricate himself, and only the following day found his wallet & keys deep inside the bush.

This time around we were kindly offered a lift by a lady seeing us struggle with luggage , in the rain. Unfortunately LK left her purse in the car! A frantic couple of days ensued as we searched in and around the neighbourhood for her vehicle. However, we were fortunate enough to find it, by happen chance.

Machinations of circumstance, time and event horizons.

24.07.21- Caringbah. Arrived here 03.07.21 from Gold Coast to help #2 daughter & husband paint and make ready upstairs bedrooms hall and landing as a precursor to unpacking and filing away clothes , domestic items & toys. Been hard at it every day and it is quite tiring.

Have been house sitting at Tony & Lynne’s for a week. Albury is further south than Junee, and is a larger conurbation. It is a seven and a half hour trip by train from Sydney. It is set in a gently rolling topography and derives its income primarily from ancillary eclectic businesses & farming.

The Top 3 contributors to the local economy are ‘Public Administration & Safety’,  ‘Rental, Hiring & Real Estate Services’, ‘Health Care and Social Assistance’ sector. The population is 96,436.

Friday 28.05.21:

100x625-albury.jpg (976×390)
Albury NSW

Time ambles on. Had a visit from Bill and Peter Thompson (Marg & “Ian’s dad & brother”) They came for a visit whilst Marg & Ian were away and we were looking after their house. It was really nice seeing them again. The conversation always flows well & entertainingly.

It has turned a lot colder these last few days though the skies are still blue. Had a message from the Immigration authorities saying that they wanted further information to do with our visa application. A list of countries would you believe, that we have visited in the last 10 years, were we’ve stayed & confirmation from an official body, presumably, ( immigration, police or some kind of legal institution). This from an immigration authority that outsources its visa processing (in this instance, to China!) So, a Mrs Wu based in China & acting on the behalf of Australian authorities is demanding information about a UK national, on a family visit to Australia travelling on a British passport, will judge / or make recommendations as to the granting of a visa to Australia…..and she is based in….China!! What a strange dystopian world we are living in.

Anyhow, as Corona19 has made its presence felt again in Victoria with 24 new cases in Melbourne, it seems our forthcoming arrangements for travel, domicile and location, have all been impacted. We have been forced to cancel arrangements for our stay in Melbourne. The Victoria border lies just a few kilometres to the south of us here in Albury. However, our projected stay in Adelaide (South Australia) is still in efficacy.

Are these two, an example of “bad actors” that are impacting our lives, so profoundly over the past couple of years? The organisation that one heads, and the other, appears a complicit functionary has declared a “Reset” & a “New Normal.” None of which was voted for, agreed to, or indeed invited by a democratic popular vote. Is this yet another tyranny, in the making?


Will be leaving Tony & Lynne’s in Albury tomorrow, taking the train, north. Have responded to a further enquiry by immigration authorities for our whereabouts for the last ten years! Any place we’ve stayed longer than a year. Bizarrely, no…, we’ve kinda kept moving. Never staying more than the allowable tourist time allocation, which is 90 days in most circumstances. Back to Sydney for two nights then, out to Perth WA before heading back east for perhaps a stint north (near Hervey Bay).


Took a flight back to Perth WA for a hospital follow “follow up” appointment for LK, to check on post (subacromial decompression) procedure she had done in the summer. Domiciled in Canning Vale with Marlee for a couple of days. A short story connected to that is, that we were making our way from the bus stop. It started to rain and a kindly lady stopped and asked if we wanted a lift. She took us up and over to our accommodation a short distance away. However, LK was remiss in leaving her small bag in the car. Panick, ensued some hours later, when it was realised that, the bag was unaccounted for. In it, were passport, bank cards, ipad, notebook. This presented a huge problem, cancelling cards, making arrangement for pursuing a temporary travel document,….yadda yadda. Anyhow, we were out walking around the area, the following day, after a sleepless night. Lo & behold we came across the car again! We knocked on the door, the lady answered somewhat surprised to see us, and was shocked to learn we had forgotten the bag in her car. We rushed over,….and there it was….still there on the back seat. Relief all around ensued.

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